Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Break free from your clutches of an average SQ

Your style quotient defines your attitude. So, work on it and upgrade yourself. 

You can do this in two ways, possibly. Either make mistakes and learn from your mistakes or allow us to guide you to the world of style. 

If you choose the latter, read on and enjoy the stylish tips posted to help you upgrade yourself:

1. Pink v/s Red – Clash of the Titans: If you love these two shades and want to mix it, do it in a way that it looks eye-catching and modern. You can do this by keeping red as the base and adding a shade of pink to it. 

2. White is not really the color for you: This is because in most of the cases, white does not suit people. It looks a bit loud and pulls down your style quotient. For some, it works wonders, for others it can be a disaster. So, wear white occasionally or at places where wearing white is compulsory; otherwise keep it out of your reach. It is not the color you want to experiment with. Even if we talk about shoes, white can be safely ignored.

3. Mix of Navy and Black: This mix looks super-chic and should be in your collection. In every case, this combination looks fashionable and attractive. Wear a navy blue dress with a pair of opaque black tights or black shoes with the navy pinch. This combination is great and a must-mix for the next occasion you will attend. 

4. Lookalikes: Yes, this is acceptable and looks a lot like the original. However, you need to beware of the fake pieces traveling across some stores, trying to fool the small crowd. There is a difference between a fake piece and a lookalike. The fake piece looks cheap, is a terrible attempt to make it look like the original piece, and will downgrade your style quotient. However, the lookalikes don’t give you any such disadvantage. However, if you are determined to vouch for the originals only, then here are some nordstrom coupon codes so that you save on your purchases.

5. Mix the jewels: You wear gold jewelry. You wear silver jewelry. Now, mix it up and create a new trend. This mix is what celebrities and street fashion has adopted lately, and you need to gel in so that you can improve your SQ tally. 

Caution: Don’t make it look like haphazard. Do it in a way that it looks trendy and deliberate. 

6. Maxi skirts and petite girls: For some, this combination sucks. Maybe because they don’t like the petite girl or her beautiful looks. We can say this because top brands are focusing on a whole new range of maxi skirts for the small women that look amazing. It is advantageous to wear such skirts because it creates the illusion that you are taller than normal. However, the catch is that you need to wear it in a way that looks stylish. We can suggest – choose solid versions, keep your top fitted, and a cropped leather jacket. 

7. Horizontal Stripes: This is another way to look larger. So, use it and make a tall appearance in front of others. The only catch is that you need to make sure that the pieces fit well and you don’t look just wider. 

8. Get the classics on your mind, again! : If you think that the ‘classic’ look is out of fashion, then you are probably wrong. The ‘classic’ look is still trending because it is not just classic, but even classy. It gives you a perfect look, so keep at least one in your collection.

9. Red to a wedding? : That is probably not in your mind because it looks way-too-sexy for a wedding scene, and you don’t want to steal the focus from the bride and groom. But a classy, yet decent red dress is acceptable. So, check out some of the stores that offer such acceptable red dresses that look good and will make you stand out from the crowd. Here is a nordstrom discount coupon if you want to try your luck. 

10. Are sneakers for gym only? Not really: If you pick the right pair of sneakers, you can match it to your regular dresses to your college, casual event, and other such places. Top brands make it easier for you by making sneakers that have a modern twist. So, use it to the fullest and make yourself comfortable, while wearing a pair of leather pants or sleek skirts. Break the trend and make one that people follow.

11. Shampoo is not compulsory: It is not! in most of the cases, water combined with the right conditioner, you can give your hair a good wash. However, if there is a need for something more, use apple cider vinegar (in small quantity) before applying the combination. 

12. Should you mix it? : Any combination that is lingering in your mind, you need to ask yourself, whether it looks sensible to mix it or not. Having said that, you can trust your instinct with a thought of mixing skinny jeans with a mini-dress. On the downside, don’t make an extreme attempt and wear a pair of trousers with a gown over it. You define ‘fashion’ by doing something sensibly different, not by being weird. 

13. Don’t be the bling thing everywhere you go: Let the focus be on you and not just on the accessories. Of course, you want them to shine and you love people getting jealous of your unique collection. However, don’t do it all at one go. Wear accessories to a party, but make sure you have just one piece that is attractive.

14. Denim denim all the way: Denim looks good with another denim piece on your body. It compliments one and other. So, don’t worry about it. You can wear a denim jacket with denim jeans. It will look really good. 

15. Tall woman = no heels: This is a terrible thought. Don’t think twice if you think that heels compliment your physique, and you love it. Being tall and wearing heels, you are not trying to draw unnecessary attention but to be what you really love. So, go ahead and pull out a pair with heels and wear it without thinking of what others will think. 

16. One bold color at a time: Let that color be the point of attraction. Don’t have more than one bold color on your dress, unless you are wearing one of those colorful dresses for the event. In other cases, you can focus on one bold color dresses and let it get you some compliments. 

17. Iron your dresses and let it be for a couple of minutes: Don’t wear a garment immediately after ironing it. It will create new wrinkles, and you will get annoyed trying to hide it. Instead, iron your garments and keep it aside for a couple of minutes. This will give your dresses a better look.  

18. Sunglasses: It adds to your style quotient. So, wear sunglasses and you will give yourself a +1 in front of others. Here, you need to know that the choice of color and the shape of the sunglasses will affect your goodwill. So, make a choice that looks good and suits your face cut. TIP: If your eyes are too beautiful, don’t hide it with sunglasses. 

19. Sweatshirts: Don’t try any major experiments here. Sweatshirts look good while you are exercising or doing weights in the gym. You need not experiment with this piece of cloth. 

20. Boxy and thick heels should be your choice: It will give you the chic feel and will look really good on any woman. 

21. Well-fitting clothes: The better you fit in your clothes, better will be your look. There are no changes here. You have followed this rule and keep following it. 

22. Fake diamonds? Bring it on: With fakies being avoided, you should know that fake diamonds are accepted in our world. This is because if the other person is not good with diamonds, he/ she will not notice that you are wearing a fakie. Again, it costs less than 1/10th of the original, yet can throw an impact if you are wearing a beautiful dress to compliment it. 

23. Keep your closet updated with the latest: There are a number of dresses that make their way to stores every day. Check them out regularly and get some of them in your closet. 

Being stylish is not an inborn quality. You learn it and with this post, it comes free for you. However, if you need a discount coupon to pull down your bill on physical purchases, here is a nordstrom coupon code. Use it and upgrade your Style Quotient.

Word of caution: This post is not for those who want to follow a basic routine and look beautiful and glamorous the normal way. Here, the focus is to break free of the normal fashion world and make a new one for yourself.